2016 QD Tech, Salt Lake City, Utah Custom QD Tech

2016 QD Tech, Salt Lake City, Utah Custom QD Tech

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DHCS Coring system.



Boilers:                       Nil


Derrick::                     Nil


Substructure:            Nil


Rotary Drive:             Hydraulic Top Drive  

185,000 lb. Dynamic Capacity 250,000 lb. Static

0 – 900 RPM   Variable Torque

4” IF Pin Down Floating Spindle

King 2.5 BL Swivel

Kelly Valve  5000 psi  4” IF Pin Down

4 – 1.125” Dia. Guide Cable Arms                        


Feed Cylinder:          25’ Stroke 12” Bore 5.5” Rod Cylinder

                                    250,000 lb. Capacity

                                    Elevator Upper Connection 3 ½” D.P.  Square Shoulder 

                                    Load Cell Lower Connection to Top Drive Frame


Wireline Winch:        Hydraulically Driven

                                    Capacity  20,000 feet of 0.472” Cable

                                    323 Feet/Min. Bare Drum  

440 Feet/ Min. Full Drum

20, 454 lb. Pull Bare Drum

15,244 lb. Pull Full Drum

c/w Hydraulic Failsafe Brake

      Manual Band Brake


Control Console:      Electronic Control for all Coring Functions

Skid Mounted for Rig Floor Placement


Instrumentation:       Wireline Counter, Rate and Weight Indicator

String/Bit Weight

Rotation RPM

Pump GPM (2)

Hydraulic Feed Pressure, Mud Pump Pressure

Drill Head Position / Feed Rate

Digital Display and Recording


Accessories:             Cavins Model “C” Air Slips 

Dressed for 3 ½” & 5” Rods


Eckels 4 ½ Hydrauic Tubing Tongs

Dressed for 4-1/8” Rods

We also have a complete 500 HP DIesel powerpack and large triplex pumps to operate this system which is sold separately. See Machinio Listings for separate prices, can be sold with or without the drill system.


 The photos in this add represent the photos as set up and drilling.

The second set of photos on the ground is the way it is now and represents the parts and pieces that go with the core drilling system


ManufacturerQD Tech, Salt Lake City, Utah
ModelCustom QD Tech
Serial NumberCustom built
Stock NumberHB24005