2020 AAMCOR CAS Stemfast Stemming Truck with 6x6 Osh Kosh Chassis

$215,000 (USD)

Salt Lake City, UT

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AAMCOR New Design, 2 belt design, Stem Fast, Left Hand Discharge, Stemming truck
with options;

Options include;
*Osh Kosh Chassis (2000 model) as shown in photos
9 Speed Fuller RTO11707LL
All Wheel Drive (6x6)
116,000 miles
23,000 Lb. front suspension and axles
46,000 Lb. rear suspension and axles

Stemfast Stemming truck body installed on above Osh Kosh Chassis;
*100% steel welded 20 Cubic yard Hopper with exterior powder coating and lined interior
*24 inch Wide Positive Drive Conveyor in bottom of Stemming bed hopper
*Custom length Placing Conveyor to reach either side of truck for stemming
*Plus1 In-Cab Control System identical to AAMCOR bulk trucks, allows operator to
operate unit in the cab of the chassis, controls belts and positioning, on/off and
amount of stemming to be discharged
*Joystick control of the placing conveyor mounted in the control panel
*High performance Stemming sling system to control distance of stemming from
the end of the conveyor belt
*Hydraulic Vibrators installed on the bed
*The hydraulic system includes a full pressure compensated hydraulic pump and valves
*High Performance Hawe Proportional Valves for precise control of the Stem Fast
body functions
*Water spray system for dust control while delivering Stemming to the hole
*A metering system that can determine how much stemming to put in the hole on
a meter basis
*Plus1 Control system same as installed on all AAMCOR Bulk Explosive trucks
*A camera system is installed at the rear of the hopper and another at the end of the placing conveyor belt
*a Hydraulic tilting grizzly has been installed to remove oversized material is installed on the top of the hopper
* A Over Cab protector is installed on the front of the hopper, to assist in protecting the chassis cabin

Price will be $214,000 Or best offer FOB SLC UT

After years of research and engineering, as well as experience in moving dirt, bark, gravel, cement, AN and other materials, we have put together a new form of Stemming truck (Stem Fast) which will revolutionize the way stemming has been done in the past, this new way of stemming will match a similar operator experience, to a bulk truck loading the bore hole with Bulk Explosives Products. This will keep operators training to a minimum and make your life as a blaster much easier. AAMCOR/CAS has approximately 15 of these units in various parts of the world that are dedicated for Stemming blast holes, and CAS has literally hundreds in the USA and various parts of the world which are being used in the reclamation, excavation fill, and other uses related to conveying materials from the hopper to the ground, so the experience in conveying with belts is the best in the world.


ManufacturerAAMCOR CAS
ModelStemfast Stemming Truck with 6x6 Osh Kosh Chassis
Stock NumberHB17321