2020 Boart Longyear LF90D

2020 Boart Longyear LF90D

$320,000 (USD)


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Price Drop $50,000 urgent sale to pay taxes now $320,000 or best offer 2008 Original LF90D (Deep Hole) Core Drill Fully Rebuilt by Independent contractor with brand new tracks P Rotary head, currently has HW jaws and foot clamp Brand New Tracks (Never Used) Have been in dealer stock Tracks have container pins for quick release for fly in rig or move to truck work Extra Heavy Duty Jack Legs and over engineered outriggers. The entire unit is fully rebuilt from ground up. Details for rebuild; The rig is a 2008. The machine has only done 4917 hours in total. The rig was rebuilt at 4915, I have done approximately 2 hours of testing. The machine was stripped back to its individual components, sandblasted and painted. Every item was assessed and inspected on its own merits. All the bearings on the crown were replaced, the head slides where inspected and returned to services as they were near new. The head rails on the tower are not showing any wear at all. The two main pump where tested by HTS Hydraulics and show to be in perfect running condition – reports can be sent upon request. The motor – QSB6.7 has had independent report done on it which is attached. The motor is running as though it is new. A set of de-mountable tracks have been fitted via 4 x container pins . Theses track are remotely operated. The track are very near new and can be removed in approximately 15min. The rig can then be mounted either as a skid or on a truck. All hydraulic hoses where inspected and replaced on an as need bases, as you could imagine with only 4917 hours there was very little wear on any components. The bean pump has been serviced and a new set of buckets and valves have been fitted, pressure relief valve has been refurbished. Coolers have been stripped down and serviced. A new head oil lubrication pump is to be installed but currently waiting on this unit from Boart Longyear to arrive. There where no jacklegs on the rig prior to fitting the tracks, rather than get the spindly legs from Longyear we retrofitted some heavy duty jack legs from a new 20ton Rod Loop for better support. As mentioned, we have rebuilt this machine to a standard that we would want operate in the field, nothing was left undone, it is completely ready to go to the field and drill.


ManufacturerBoart Longyear
Serial Number2008-45
Stock NumberHB20113