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P&H 2100 Electric Shovel

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  • Serial No. - 52340
  • Total Hours - 60,000 (approx. 500 since rebuild)
  • Year New: 1985 (per P&H)
  • Bucket: 19-20 cy
  • FOB: California

Brief History

New in 1985. Worked at two mines until 1995: one in Colorado, and one in Wyoming. Mothballed in 1995 until purchased by current owner from Phelps Dodge in fall of 2006. The machine was disassembled in early 2007 and moved to IMQ in the Seattle area where it underwent further disassembly, cleaning, repair, reassembly and painting. The current owner operated the shovel for approximately 500 hours.

Description of Repairs

All electric motors sent to SIMCO (motor rebuild shop) and repaired/rebuilt as necessary House rollers, frame and car body were in excellent condition and were inspected and assembled, Center pin and bushing were in excellent condition needed no attention. Commutator was cleaned and adjusted as necessary. Track frames and tracks were in excellent condition with only the adjusters needing minor work. (New bolts used to attach tract frames to car body). All electrical wiring was removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled in the subfloor, travel ways and connected to the control panels.

P&H technicians carefully went through the electrical circuits, wiring, transformers, and SCR's Fan house motor mounts and baffles were broken and/or missing. All were rebuilt or replaced. The 110/220v wiring including all interior and exterior lights were updated or replaced.

House heater was replaced. Boom mount biscuits were replaced and boom kick out repaired. Entire grease system was completely reworked, repaired or replaced.

Air compressor was rebuilt. Cab was rewired and new heater a/c system installed. Installed new seat. Machine control handles were replaced.

Bucket received extensive fabrication and wear parts. Bucket brindle pins and bushings were built up, bored and rebushed as necessary. New dipper trip motor. Propel transmission worked fine and was not disassembled. New propel shaft bushing was installed and brakes repaired/adjusted as necessary. All house tin, the door and catwalks were repaired and adjusted including access stairs.


Asking for $2,500,000